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The Creator:

I hate writing about myself, so just check out my portfolio site instead:

You can also contact me at kerry@kerda.com

The Comic:

  Pixel Chat is a webcomic about old video games.  It's also a webcomic about people reaching a turning point in their lives, hitting a certain age and scrambling to piece together the scraps of their youth and give themselves some sense of meaning and purpose.

  But I suppose that's a tad boring, and more than a little depressing, so let's stick with the whole "bleep-bloopity games" angle.  I grew up playing video games.  90% of my most vivid memories, most visceral experiences with the medium occured in my youth.  I don't hold that against modern gaming, but why would I want to write about and draw the "Game of the Week™" when there's a whole treasure trove of obscure, antiquated characters that I grew up loving and can excavate, brush off and shape into my own unique vision?

  Notice the correlation between paragraphs 1 and 2?

  Gaming, being so intrinsically tied to technology, was really the first commercial art medium subject to Moore's Law, where every 6 months a bigger, better, prettier version of "ZOMG TEH BEST GAEM EVAR!!1!!!11" is/was sure to come and make the once-orgasmic seem downright pedestrian.  Old games look, feel and sound old, and the result is a vast graveyard of titles only remembered by those who were "in the moment".

  So, Pixel Chat is a webcomic about when the moment has passed.  It's also a webcomic about me trying to draw funny pictures and distill my weird sense of humor into stuff approaching "jokes".  Enjoy the show!

© Kerry Daniszewski 2005 - 2008.  The character Bubsy is property of Accolade, or whatever still exists of it, and Mai Shiranui is property of SNK Playmore.