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  Along with the comic, I occasionally post long-form front page updates chronicling my thoughts and opinions on gaming, media and popular culture at large. So, instead of having to dig through the archives to find this stuff, it's all collected here for your textual pleasure:

(Bonus) Ironic "Y" (7/01/2006)
  I don't like so-called "indie kids", also known as "hipsters", and here I go out of my way to make them feel bad about themselves. This never made it to the front page, since it comes off as a bit self-righteous, not to mention really angry.

My Favorite Things About Fighting Games (7/01/2006)
  My 3 favorite stylistic elements of ol'-school 2D fighting games.

Deus ex Cinema (6/09/2006)
  Concerning the huge disconnect that cinema scenes in games tend to have when compared to the in-game segments of action they sandwich.

Why People Hate Anime (3/03/2006)
  Anime fans are really freakin' annoying. So annoying that they merit analysis.

Does a Game Have to be Fun to be Good? (1/21/2006)
  Is "fun" a predeterminate for quality within the video game medium, and if so, where does that place gaming against other forms of media?

The Pixel Chat 2005 Year in Entertainment Awards (1/05/2006)
  The 5 best pieces of media from 2005, as determined by me, cause, well...it's my website, dammit!!

Innarweb Lulz:

  I guess what you would call an unfinished side project from the summer of 2007.  It began as just a 1-shot comic making fun of middling, meme-feuled MS Paint webcomics, but was intended to expand into a more broad parody of "internet culture".   I also simply liked the idea of transforming the internet into this living, breathing, Tolkienesque world of high fantasy.
  The project was worth doing even if simply to get the opportunity to draw the "Gatekeeper of Meme".

Wallpaper: Each is in 1280 x 1024 resolution

Sketches and Alternates:

  Here, you'll find a collection of character sketches, unused panels and alternate drawings that never managed to find their way into the final draft of a Pixel Chat episode.


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