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Episode Synopsis:

Episode 1: The Shiranui Saga-
  The debut.  Infamous mid-90s platforming star Bubsy hosts a "star-studded" interview show with some of gaming's bigge...erm, uhh...most existant names.
   This most grandiose of premiers is graced by the guest appearance of Fatal Fury/King of Fighters sex symbol Mai Shiranui.  Sparks fly, hilarity ensues.  See the genesis of the witty reparte that took late night, 3rd-tier cable audiences by storm!

Episode 2: The Forgotten Soldier-
  Bubsy shocks the world as he introduces Mai as his new permanent co-host.
  The newly christened duo welcome star of the classic Contra series, Chip Severn, the "Forgotten Soldier".  Bubsy takes an immediate shine to the rough and tumble Chip, while Mai has her doubts about his credibility.

Episode 3: Mega Mania-
  Pixel Chat plays hosts to a legitimate, honest-to-gosh gaming megastar: the "Blue Bomber" himself, Mega Man.....
  Who looks suspiciously like a paunchy middle-aged man in a yellow jumpsuit.  Al Megavich weaves a fantastic yarn about his rightful place as the true "Mega Man", and the now-sociopathic bishonen who played the role for years and lost his mind in the process.
  Is the story legit, or is Megavich just a cosplayer with too much time on his hands (a redundant concept if ever there was one).

Holiday Special-
  Our hosts are off for Christmas break, but Mai has her sights set on a holiday alone in Paris.
  Bubsy, hearing this infraction of holiday justice, demands she come with him to the annual "Bobcat Family Reunion" for ye olde- fashioned Xmas festivities.
  Mai's middling familial skills get put to the test as she's stuck dealing with Bubsy's relatives, and finds companionship from an unlikely source.

Episode 4: Shattered Crystals (unfinished)-
  Mai's new love interest has her exhibiting distinctly NPR-ish sensibilities, which puts her in direct conflict with the show's guest, patriarch of the Dragon Warrior/Quest franchise, Erdrick.
  Mai's newly-expanded horizons clash with the staunch traditionalist, and Bubsy is left playing intermediary in a fierce, turn-based war of the words.

  Bubsy and Mai get summoned to the office of former mayer-cum-gruff entertainment exec Mike Haggar, head of programming at Pixel Chat's parent network.
  While Mai has the benefit of being a close aquaintance of the Final Fightin' man (as well as having extremely large breasts), Bubsy fails to make the grade and gets booted from his position as host.
  This largely unsurprising turn of events helps the duo reaffirm the strength of their burgeoning friendship, and leaves Bubsy exorcised from the best gig he's ever had.

Episode 5 (current)-
   With Bubsy out of the picture, it's up to Mai to carry the" PC" cross and maintain the spirit of the show.
  ....Or so she thought.  Haggar has appointed Gex Gecko, titular star of the late 90s platform franchise, as the show's new host.  Gex's bread and butter are zany stabs at pop-topical humor, and his decidedly smary take on hosting leaves a newly-thoughtful (and exposed) Mai lukewarm, to say the least.
   Battletoads ringleader Rash plays guest.

© Kerry Daniszewski 2005 - 2008.  The character Bubsy is property of Accolade, or whatever still exists of it, and Mai Shiranui is property of SNK Playmore.